Decoupage Models are available for sale and items can be made to order if they are seen as sold on the website. Please note postage charges will apply in addition to the price of the model.

“Odd Duck” £12.00 + postage
“Feathered Duck” £12.00 +postage
Floral Jewelry Box – Perfect for all ages £12.50 +postage
Eiffel Tower “le Paris” £7.50 +postage
French Poodle “le Paris” £8 +postage
Penguin £8.00 +postage
(SOLD) Ellie the Elephant £7.50+Postage

SOLD Floral Anchor £7.50+Postage
Tropical Pineapple £8.00 +postage
Big Heart £12.50+Postage
Hanging Map Heart £4.50 +Postage
Flowery Hanging Heart £4.50 +Postage
Gold and Pink Hanging Heart £4.50 +Postage (Each)
Gold and white Hanging Heart £4.50 +Postage
Blue Hanging Heart £4.50+postage
Mini Mini Hearts £1.20 +Postage
(slide the photo to see its open and closed)
Wee heart boxes £2.00 + postage (each)
“Wee Box” £2.10 +Postage
Hanging Heart £1.50 +postage
Magnum Hearts £2.00 +postage (each)
Mini Doggie £3.00 + postage
Little Bears 🐻 £3.00 + postage
Mini Ellie the Elephant £3.00+postage
Mini Elle Elephant £3.00 + postage (Slide photo to see both sides)
Cupcake Box £4.50 +postage

There are many many more decoupage items in stock and we would also gladly make something to order. Just send us a message or an email.